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HSD's Subsidiaries & Dealers Meeting - CIMT Beijing 2017



























We would like to inform you that between 17 and 22 April 2017 HSD attended CIMT exhibition "China International Machine Tool Show" in Peking, one of the most important events at world level for machine tools and components used to process metals and composite materials. (see photo above)


On that occasion, the second "HDS's Subsidiaries & Dealers Meeting" was held at the Sheraton Waigaoqiao Hotel, Shanghai, led by Fabrizio Pierini, General Manager of HSD Spa. (see photo below)
















The appointment was an important opportunity to discuss existing products, future commercial development projects and to identify plans for growth in a proactive manner!
After the event, dealers and colleagues from the branches were able to visit our HSD Shanghai premises, which have been in operation since 2009.


Measuring 1200 m2, it offers an important pre and post sales service for the Chinese market. (see photo at the bottom).